Monday, 15 September 2008

Water – How Much Should You Drink?

Daily Water Intake
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The recommended amount of water intake per day seems to vary quite a lot from source to source often making it a little confusing for everyone.

The body gets its water from three sources:
1. From drinks
2. From food, especially fruit and vegetables
3. As a by-product of chemical reactions within the body.

Adults need 2-3 litres of water per day to maintain a healthy body. Of this, approximately 1.2 litres (6-8 glasses) must be obtained directly from drinks such as water, fruit juice, herbal tea, milk, etc.

If you are physically active or the weather is hot or humid, more water is generally needed.

Caffeinated drinks CAN contribute toward your daily water intake. Although caffeine is a diuretic, drinks containing caffeine will not result in dehydration if drunk in moderation. It is recommended that you do not consume more than 400mg caffeine in a day (3-5 cups of coffee depending on strength). This figure is less (300mg or 2-3 cups of coffee) for women during pregnancy.

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