Friday, 5 June 2009

Getting the Most from Your Massage in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Having a massage in the comfort of your own home is a great idea. You don’t have to worry about being late, getting lost, or not finding a parking space. And most importantly, you don’t have to go anywhere afterwards so you can continue to relax, put your feet up, and benefit fully from your treatment.

Here are a few tips to get the most from your massage when receiving it in your home.

Choose your appointment time carefully. After your massage, you want to be able to sit and experience the state of relaxation that you have achieved from your massage. You don’t want to immediately start the house work, go food shopping, or rush off to work or pick up the kids. Book an appointment at a time which suits you – perhaps do the shopping and housework first and have your appointment later on in the day or evening. Maybe book an appointment on your day off or after you have finished work. Not only does choosing a convenient appointment time help you to relax after your massage, but it will also stop you thinking about what you have to do later on that day allowing your mind to be clear and focused on relaxing.

Let your therapist know the situation. When booking your appointment, mention to your therapist if there are any parking restrictions outside your house and where the best place is to park. Also mention whether you live in a flat or a house and whether they will need to carry their equipment up any stairs or not. This puts your therapist in the picture before they get to your house and limits their stress so they can give a truly relaxing treatment to you rather than them feeling like they’re the one who needs a massage!

Be ready for the therapist. Ensure that you have cleared an area before your therapist arrives so they can set up the massage couch and other equipment as soon as they get there. Also make sure that any doors and corridors are clear so that the equipment can be manoeuvred through your house easily. Most therapists will bring their own towels for you to use during the massage but if you prefer to use your own, make sure you have them ready.

Create a relaxing and comfortable environment. When you relax during a massage, your body temperature drops so it is a good idea to put the heating on just before and during your massage to make sure you don’t get cold. It is quite nice to have low lighting in the room rather than the big bright overhead lights. You might like to burn some incense, scented candles, or some essential oils in an oil burner if you have them to encourage relaxation.

Limit the amount of possible distractions. Leave the landline phone off the hook or divert calls to your answer phone if you have one. Don’t forget to turn your mobile phone off or change to silent mode too. The last thing you want mid-massage is your phone to go off, then when they can’t get hold of you they ring your other phone. Perhaps mention to your friends and family that you are having a massage at a certain time of the day so that they don’t come round or ring you during that time.

If you have family members at home while you are having a massage, ask them not to disturb you by coming in to the room or making too much noise if it can be avoided. It is also advisable that your pets are not in the room during the massage as some animals can be very inquisitive and jump up on the couch making you jump which is not going to help your relaxation.

Listen to your body. Take a few minutes to sit down and reflect on your thoughts and feelings of your massage experience – Did you enjoy the massage? What would you have changed? Are there any areas you would like more work on next time? Do you feel relaxed? How do you feel physically? Has your tension been relieved or do you still have areas remaining? Have your aches and pains diminished? How does your body feel now compared to before your massage? How do you feel emotionally? Do you feel less stressed? Do you feel ready to face the world and more able to cope with things? How are your emotions now compared to before your massage? Do you feel balanced? If you keep a journal, it might be good to document your experience and feelings in there. You can discuss your thoughts with your therapist at your next appointment and they can then make any adaptations to your treatment to make sure your needs are being met.

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