Friday, 19 June 2009

Sinus Problems and Epsom Salts

In a previous post, I discussed the healing properties of Epsom Salts when used in a hot bath. Not only is it extremely good at soothing muscular and joint aches and pains, but it can also help with various sinus problems including sinusitis, congestion, and reduce the pain associated with these conditions.

You will need 2 cups of very cold water (Let the cold water tap run until it is very cold), a bowl, a flannel, 1 tbsp of Epsom Salts, and 2 tbsp of Bicarbonate of Soda. Pour the water in to the bowl along with the Epsom Salts and bicarbonate of soda and mix together. Soak the flannel in the water, wring out, and place over the sinus area. Keep in place until the flannel becomes body temperature then soak in the cold water again and repeat.

The cold compress quickly helps relieve a blocked nose and sinuses and is excellent for when you have a cold, allergic rhinitis or hayfever too.

This Epsom salt compress can also be applied to bruises, sprains, and strains to help soothe and reduce inflammation; aching muscles and joints from injuries or overexertion; insect bites to help take the sting out; rashes to reduce inflammation and itching; and to draw out foreign bodies such as splinters.

As well as using Epsom salts in a compress, they can also be added to water and sniffed gently up the nostrils to clear mucus from the nasal passages. Blow your nose after application.

The above compress remedy, along with many other natural home remedies for various skin conditions and ailments, can be found in Jude's Herbal Home Remedies: Natural Health, Beauty and Home-care Secretsby Jude C. Todd.

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  2. Great idea and it really worked for me. Thanks for the useful tip.