Sunday, 28 June 2009

Meditative Massage

Meditative Massage
Photo by clix.
I found this simple but effective meditation exercise in a book called 1001 Meditations: How to Discover Peace of Mind by Mike George. It is an excellent meditation to use in between your real massages. It will help you to release any tension in your muscles, relax you, and de-stress you. Give it a go…

Sit or lie down so that you are comfortable and close your eyes. Visualise someone stood behind you massaging your shoulders with their healing hands. As they massage, you can feel the tension releasing, the knots fading away, and your shoulders relaxing. Visualise your imaginary massage therapist moving on to your arms and hands, then to your legs and feet, your back, face and head, working at relieving the tension in those areas as they go. Continue with the visualisation until you are feeling relaxed and at ease.

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