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Using Affirmations for Healing

Using Affirmations for Healing
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When you are ill, stressed, or in pain it is very easy to become negative about things improving, especially if you have been feeling this way for a long time. Using affirmations during these times can help you feel more positive and can even help you along your healing journey.

Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation, for example, “It is easy for me to relax completely”. They allow you to consciously harness the power of positive thinking counteracting any negative thoughts and beliefs that you may have.

Below is a list of example affirmations for healing.

I am healthy - I am stress free - I love and care for my body and it cares for me - I am free from pain - I am filled with vitality and health - I am in control of my health and well-being - I am healthy in all aspects of my being - I am filled with energy to do all the daily activities in my life - My mind is at peace - I accept healing of my mind, body and spirit

Affirmations should be repeated many times (around 20 is a good guideline but you can repeat them as many times and as often as you like). This helps to impress the positive words on to the subconscious mind. Always believe that what you are saying is true and is happening now in the present. The more you believe, the stronger the affirmation becomes.

You could try repeating them first thing in the morning and again at night when you are in bed. Another great time for you to use healing affirmations is during a holistic treatment or when you are relaxing in a hot bath. You could incorporate them in to drawings or pictures and display around your house, write them in your journal, and even use them in conjunction with meditation and visualisation techniques – close your eyes and see yourself in your mind’s eye as a healthy, vibrant person, free from pain and stress, at the same time as repeating your affirmations.

Sometimes results happen straight away, but more often than not, it takes longer for the affirmations to take effect. Sometimes it might take days, weeks, months, or even longer, depending on your goal, how long you have held the negative thought or belief, how often you repeat the affirmations, and your desire to change.
You might like to use one of the affirmations above or you could even write your own. If you are going to write your own affirmations, make sure that you use the present tense, use the most positive words, and make them as short and precise as you can.

I regularly use a set of affirmations which stem from the Reiki precepts which I find very helpful – “Just for today, I am free from anger, I am free from worry, I am humble, I am honest, I am compassionate towards myself and others.”

Now you know the basics of what affirmations are, how they work, and how to write them you can apply them to other areas of your life – Affirmations for love, joy, relationships, daily living, spirituality, career, prosperity, forgiveness, stress relief – the list is endless!

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