Monday, 21 July 2008

The Importance of a Consultation

Balance Holistics Consultation Form
Before you undergo any holistic treatment, a detailed consultation will take place. All information obtained during the consultation is kept strictly confidential.

A consultation allows your therapist to determine as far as possible your needs and also establishes whether a treatment is appropriate for you or whether you should be referred to another professional. It also gives your therapist insight into any areas that may need particular attention and provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions.

So what does a consultation entail? The initial consultation can range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the therapy. Your therapist will ask for information about your contact details, lifestyle, general health and specific medical conditions. Your therapist will also ask why you are seeking treatment and what your hopes are from it. If you were having an Aromatherapy Massage, it would be during the consultation where you discussed which oils you like or dislike and your therapist would choose the best oils to use to suit your needs.

On future visits, a much shorter consultation will take place before your treatment to see how you felt after your last treatment, whether you had any effects from it and whether there are any changes to your health or lifestyle.

It is important to have a consultation so that your therapist has accurate and up to date information about you. It also means that your therapist can gain all the relevant information about you so they can adapt the treatment to fit your needs. Contra-indications can also be assessed during the consultation. Some medical conditions require consent from your doctor before a treatment can be performed, for example, heart conditions, epilepsy, cancer, etc. This covers both you as the client, and the therapist in case anything was to happen as a result of a treatment.

The consultation is not just important for your therapist but it is important for you too as it ensures that you get the right treatment for you, it is tailored to your needs and it also allows you to find out more about the treatment.

Some therapists charge for the initial consultation while many offer this important part of a treatment for free. You may also find that the consultation time eats into your treatment time. This is not the case with Balance Holistics - If you book an hours treatment – you get an hours treatment PLUS a consultation at no additional cost. It definitely pays to shop around!

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