Thursday, 8 January 2009

Thai Foot Massage Review

I recently holidayed on Koh Pha ngan in Thailand and was lucky enough to experience several Thai Massages. Although, I thoroughly enjoyed the Thai Body Massage my favourite has to be the Foot Massage.

Thai Foot Massage is a massage of the lower legs and feet along with the use of a small wooden stick to stimulate the reflex points on the feet which correspond to the internal organs of the body. Various stretches are also incorporated into the massage.

Thai massage is performed on the floor on a thin yet comfortable mat and there is no need to undress. I was asked to change into a pair of Thai trousers so that I was more comfortable.

Tiger Balm was rubbed into my lower legs and then one was wrapped up in muslin while the other leg was being massaged. I really liked this part – it felt very comforting and it did a very good job at warming the muscles up. She massaged my legs – upper and lower and then moved on to the feet.

She rolled the smooth wooden stick up and down my feet and used the end to press on the various reflex points on the feet similar to those used in Reflexology. I found the stick very effective at clearing blockages in the reflex points - I could feel energy start to circulate around my feet and then up in to the rest of my body. Thai Massage helps to open up the energy lines in the body known as Sen lines, similar to Meridian lines in Chinese Medicine.

After the foot massage, the therapist moved on to massage my head, neck and shoulders and then finished on my back. I never expected this part! After all, I only thought I was getting a foot massage. The massage of the feet and the upper body complemented each other perfectly making me feel that my whole body had received a treatment.

After the massage, I was provided with a pot of Green Tea and some sesame biscuits to help ground me. I felt so relaxed during and after the treatments – my feet felt great, my back felt great, and I felt energised.

Most of the Thai Massages I received while in Koh Pha ngan were from Chakra Traditional Massage.

I enjoyed the Thai Foot Massage so much that I have decided to train in the therapy myself. I will be training with TEACH Therapy in March 2009 and hope to be offering the treatment to clients shortly after. Watch this space…


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