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Hopi Ear Candling and Flying

Hopi Ear Candling and Flying
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Are you jetting off on your Summer holidays but not looking forward to the pressure pain you get in your ears during take-off and landing?

Then why not try Hopi Ear Candling. It is an excellent treatment to have before you fly to help ease these symptoms.

When you take-off and land in an airplane, the altitude at which you are travelling changes quite quickly. When there is a change in altitude, there is also a change in air pressure. On take off, the air pressure decreases and on landing, the air pressure increases. Whenever the air pressure of your surroundings changes, the air pressure inside your ear has to adjust. To do this, the air trapped in your inner ear escapes through the Eustachian tube (a narrow tube that links the inner ear to the back of the nose and throat). The opposite happens on landing and the air travels up the Eustachian tube into the inner ear. When this happens, you feel your ears pop.

Most people suffer from ear popping during take off and landing, but some people experience pain and discomfort when their ears fail to pop due to congestion.

If you have congestion, especially in your Eustachian tube, due to a cold, sinus infection or allergies, your ears cannot equalise the pressure. This leads to a build up of pressure making your ears feel blocked and painful, and causes hearing to become muffled. It can also cause fluid in the ears.

Hopi Ear Candling helps to balance the fluids in the labyrinth and inner ear. This helps to relieve pressure in the ear and helps combat inner ear pressure pain associated with flying. Ear Candling also helps release any congestion allowing air to pass more freely in and out of the ears via the Eustachian tube which allows the ears to equalise pressure more effectively.

If you are due to fly and you are suffering from congestion, a cold, allergies or sinus infection, or if you know that you suffer with ear pain or discomfort while flying, I would recommend you have a Hopi Ear Candling treatment 24 hours before take off if possible. You may also find it beneficial to have a treatment after your return journey home.

More information about Hopi Ear Candling can be found here.

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