Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Skills Update

Thai Foot Massage Bristol
On Sunday, I attended a Thai Foot Massage course with TEACH Therapy. The course was aimed at qualified therapists and was taught by Judith Ryder.

The course covered the benefits of Thai foot massage, contra-indications to massage, how to carry out a full treatment using the Thai foot stick, reflex points of the feet, and Sen lines.

I enjoyed the course very much and I can’t wait to start offering this new treatment to my clients. I am enthusiastically practicing the therapy on all my friends and family to get some more experience at it (which they are loving I might add!) before offering it to clients. I am planning a day of taster sessions to coincide with Thai New Year (Songkran) in April so that people can try out the treatment.

I have visited Thailand twice now and on both occasions received many Thai foot massages. I loved the massages so much which is why I decided to train in this delightful therapy myself. Although, mostly the same, there are a few differences between the treatments taught and offered in the UK and those performed in Thailand. The massages in Thailand are a lot firmer and work on the whole leg as well as the foot whereas here, the pressure seems a lot lighter and we only treat as far up as the knees. We use a couch or reflexology chair to perform the treatment on but in Thailand all massage is performed on the floor on a thin mat. In Thailand, Coconut oil and Tiger Balm is used to soften the skin and warm the muscles but here aromatherapy creams are used. I hope to incorporate some of the Thai ways in my treatments.

More details about the taster sessions and when Thai Foot Massage will be available will be posted here and on the Balance Holistics website nearer the time.


  1. Sounds like fun - I can't wait til you are ready to try that on me!

    I meant to ask you about it yesterday but forgot, sorry.

    And did you get my other comments - from a week or so ago - if not have you got your comments set to be forwarded to your email?

  2. Hi Caroline. Thanks for letting me know you'd left comments - I hadn't realised. I've just changed my settings so that I get an email when I receive comments.

    The course was great. I've just ordered some muslin to make my own leg wraps with and can't wait to get started with the treatment. I think you'll really like it.

  3. I did wonder if you'd got your comments to forward - the ones I left were on much older posts - one about Clary Sage and another I think...

    I'm looking forward to finding out what its like - I've had the full-body Thai massage that's like assisted yoga but never this sort.