Monday, 23 February 2009

Take Control of Stress During the Credit Crunch

Massage and Pathology
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Every day when I watch the news it seems like the financial state of the UK and the world is ever declining. With large retail chains going in to liquidation, car plants temporarily ceasing manufacturing, Government bailouts, and endless job cuts - I wonder how it all will end.

It’s no wonder that this has added to our worries causing stress to build. Not only can the stress of the credit crunch affect our psychological state causing us to worry about keeping up repayments on our mortgages or rent, paying bills on time and whether or not we will be made redundant like so many other people in the UK, but it can also have a physical affect on our bodies.

Stress can manifest in the body in many different ways causing symptoms from headaches, to sleeping problems, from stomach upsets to aches and pains.

Although, there is not much we can do on an individual level to help the recession, it is important that we look after ourselves and keep any stress at bay. Many people are not renewing gym subscriptions and eating cheaper, but less healthy foods just to save some money but by doing this it is costing their health and wellbeing.

There have been several reports in the news recently about how the credit crunch is affecting the nation’s health and wellbeing with an increase in insomnia (as surveyed by NetDoctor), an increase in calls to the Samaritans helpline, and it appears that “Credit Crunch Stress” is affecting a large proportion of us even if we aren’t directly being affected by the credit crunch yet.

Treating yourself to a massage is probably something you wouldn’t think of doing especially when money is tight but it is imperative to look after yourself more than ever during this stressful time. Even if you just had a 30-minute back massage or Indian head massage once a month, it would help your wellbeing no-end. Massage is very good at combating stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps to alleviate many physical symptoms which may be experienced due to stress.

Other ways to help lower stress levels is to take relaxing hot baths, burning aromatherapy essential oils, regular exercise, meditation or breathing exercises, and keeping a diary to name but a few.

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