Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Reiki and Wine

Reiki and Wine
Photo by EmZed.
During my Reiki training, I was taught various symbols to use during healing, meditations, and space clearing. A few more unusual uses for the symbols were suggested to me too during my training.

One of these suggestions was to use the symbol for earth ki known as Cho Ku Rei to help improve the taste of wine. I was told to draw the symbol on a piece of paper and place under a bottle or glass of wine for at least 10 minutes.

An article in The Japan Times talks about the spiritual side of winemaking and reports that Maria Pilar Palomar of Bodegas Palomar Sanchez winery in Spain, uses Reiki in the wine making process. The journalist asked Maria about her use of Reiki in winemaking to which she replied:

"Reiki is a universal energy, and treatment with reiki may be directed to people, animals, plants, things or situations. Reiki is the channeling of ki (energy) through a series of techniques using the hands, and that is what we do in the wine cellar. We produce a grape and a wine of high quality and do not use reiki to improve the organic properties of the wine: its aroma, color and flavors. We believe, instead, that reiki harmonizes the wine with the energy of the universe, and when people drink our wine it balances body and mind. We believe that reiki energy flows in nature, and we want our wine to be one of the channels through which people can receive this energy."
Now I haven’t personally used Reiki on wine yet but I know several Reiki masters who swear by it so I think I might have to give it a go especially after reading about the winemakers using Reiki. I suppose I could pour two glasses of wine and place one glass on the reiki symbol and the other just on the table, leave for 10 minutes and then compare the two to see whether it actually makes a difference or not. It would be great if it stops you getting a hangover afterwards too!

Read the full article - The spiritual side of making wine.

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