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Nasal Irrigation for Allergies and Congestion

Nasal irrigation with Netipot for Allergies and Congestion
Photo by kurt yoder.
I recently stumbled across a little device known as a neti pot while I was searching for steam inhalators on the internet. I’d not seen or heard of one of these before and it intrigued me.

It is used for nasal irrigation.I found the following information about the history of nasal irrigation on wendys menopause support blog:

The history of this process dates back several millennia. It was used in the yoga practices in old Indian traditions. At the time, it was better known as jala neti, which is just another term for nasal sinus irrigation. Also at the time, the procedure was performed with the small pot which is widely known as the neti pot. It looks something like a gravy boat, something like the lamps seen in Aladdin and Arabian nights.

Nasal irrigation helps remove blockages and congestion such as those experienced during a cold or flu and hayfever. It can also help eliminate sinus congestion. By removing the congestion, it helps to relieve breathing difficulties. Nasal irrigation helps to cleanse the mucous membrane of dust and other allergens, such as pollen making it an effective treatment for those suffering with hayfever, asthma, dust allergy, and other allergies.

A saline solution made with tepid water is added to the neti pot. It is best to perform the nasal irrigation over a sink. Place the spout of the neti pot in one nostril, bend your head forward and tilt your head to one-side (away from the neti pot). Keep your mouth open and continue to breathe normally throughout. Tilt to neti pot up gently until the water starts to flow out of the opposite nostril to the one it is in. Use half of the solution in each nostril. After each nostril, remove the neti pot and forcibly exhale through both nostrils (not too hard though) to get rid of any left over solution. It is a very strange sensation but it is not unpleasant.

The You tube video below shows how to use the neti pot.

According to the leaflet that came with my netipot, nasal irrigation has proved helpful with the following medical conditions: frequent colds and flu; blocked or running noses; inflammation of the sinuses leading to painful pressure headaches; inflammation of the upper respiratory system(sore throat, bronchitis, anginas); hayfever, frequent sneezing and allergic reactions of the upper respiratory system; dry mucous membranes and impaired breathing; post-nasal drip; ear blockages and infections; and impaired sense of taste and smell.

I purchased my neti pot from netipot.co.uk . The neti pot came with a user guide instruction leaflet, and 50g of salt and was very reasonably priced.

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