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Arnica Homeopathic Remedy for Bruises and Sprains

Arnica Homeopathic Remedy
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I have recently been reading a variety of books on medicinal herbs and herbal preparations and several of them have mentioned the Arnica 6x homeopathic remedy. Now I am not very familiar with homeopathy at all but thought it was interesting that these books recommended a homeopathic remedy over any herbs (which the books were about) for this particular circumstance.

Arnica 6x was recommended for use when there is pain caused by accidental injury such as after a fall, knock, or scrape, on sport injuries and muscular aches and pains after exercise, sprains and strains, and even after surgery or dental work.

Now I know that arnica gel or cream is good for bruises, sprains, and strains when it is rubbed in to the area so I suppose it makes sense that taking an arnica remedy internally will also help assist in the repair and healing of bruised and sprained tissues and muscles.

I have also read that it can be used before physical exercise or other event which may cause bruising (e.g. surgery or going to the dentist) to help limit any damage. It can also be used in the recovery after a heart attack or stroke and can help with shock after an accident or emotional trauma.

It offers natural pain relief without any side effects like conventional pain killers. It is also an anti-inflammatory.

A few days after reading about this remedy, I was at a friends house recalling how I had hit my elbow on a piece of wood while making a wardrobe earlier that day and how it was painful and effecting me massaging and she produced this small pot of Arnica 6x homeopathic pillules and told me to take one. So I took one, forgot all about it, my elbow healed quickly, and I was back massaging in no time.

It’s funny how things like this happen – one day I’ve no knowledge about this remedy and the next I find it in several books and a friend recommends it too! I think I’m going to add this remedy to my first aid box along with the lavender and tea tree essential oils and aloe vera gel. It will come in handy for me as I’m always getting bruises and scrapes on the arms and legs from karate training.

The arnica 6x tablet should be taken immediately after an accident/upset/injury and repeat at hourly intervals for up to 12 hours to ease shock and trauma. Check the instructions on the bottle before use though to ensure you take the correct dose as it seems to vary depending on the product you buy. If you are pregnant, you should consult your GP or a qualified homeopath before using this remedy.

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  1. Sarah, I hope you will continue learning about homeopathy -- you will be so glad you did, as you can see with learning about Arnica. Some other homeopathic remedies you might want to keep around: Bellis perennis is a remedy that is deeper acting than Arnica and can bring about healing when Arnica fails to act. Bryonia works when movement hurts -- I use a Bryonia ointment from Washington Homeopathic Products that helps my muscle aches even better than Arnica does for me. Homeopathic Hypericum is often used for animal bites (works fast!), for smashed fingers or toes, or in alternation with Arnica in severe physical trauma. Many homeopathic remedies work great for flu symptoms -- Gelsemium, Bryonia and Arsenicum album are some.

    You can truly help yourself and your family with a good homeopathic reference book, and for more serious problems, consult a homeopath. We've been using homeopathy for over 20 years, and I am so grateful for a friend recommending this safe, effective alternative medicine to us.

  2. Thanks Cindy for the recommendations - I will definitely look in to homeopathic remedies more. My expereince with Homeopathy is quite limited but on the two occassions I have used the remedies - Arnica when I hit my elbow, and Silicea when I had a piece of glass in my foot - I found them very helpful.

  3. Helllo homeophaty remedy is very effective i use it all the time and is very helpful.
    and is amazing if it cure the bruises i really want that treatment.

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