Friday, 10 July 2009

A Year on!

Balance Holistics Blog Birthday
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It has been a whole year now since launching this blog and I have enjoyed every minute I have spent working on it – from designing its layout, researching information to help me write articles, writing the articles, editing and proofreading them, and uploading them. I’ve even enjoyed searching for relevant photos to accompany the articles which on occasion did take quite a while to find the one I liked.

Like most blogs, at first I didn’t get many visitors to it, but now I have a lot more people reading my articles with many subscribers and a couple other blogs use my site feed which is great.

Since starting the blog in July 2008, I have written and published 82 posts on topics ranging from Abdominal Massage for Menstrual Cramps, to The Importance of a Consultation, to how to Take Control of Stress During the Credit Crunch. At first, I thought I wouldn’t know what to write about and that I’d struggle to post regularly but I have a two page list stored on my computer of things I want to write about and that will feature on the blog in the months to come and I post to the blog every other day – sometimes everyday. I am very pleased with the way the blog has turned out and I’m very pleased that so many people find it a useful resource.

Back in April I wrote a post on the top 5 most read posts on this blog. Since then I have written many new posts, some of which have been very popular. The new Balance Holistics’ top five most read posts are:
1. Sinus Problems and Epsom Salts
2. Bunions from a Reflexology Point of View
3. Natural Remedies for Bunions
4. What is a Healing Crisis?
5. The Wonder of Tiger Balm

The Bunion articles seem to be very popular so there must be a lot of people out their suffering with them. I’m not surprised the sinus problems post is popular as it’s that time of year when people are suffering with hayfever and other allergies which affect the sinuses. It is good to see that the posts on the healing crisis and tiger balm are still in the top five although they have dropped by one place.

Perhaps you would like to know which essential oils are good for insomnia, or what cracked heels mean from a reflexology point of view, or perhaps you want to know more about a specific ailment. Let me know what you would like to see more of on this blog in the coming year– either email me or leave a comment for this post.

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